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Belhaven's Golden Hour by Johnny Edwards

Welcome to Livingston Camera Club

Based in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, the club offers a wide range of activities for photographers of all skill levels.

Although most members are now using digital cameras, all forms of photography are encouraged.

Before you explore the rest of our website, why not take a few moments to view some outstanding images, below, taken by some of our members?

Low Tide at Culross by Adrian Duffy
Sunset bridge by Billy McCourt
Three's a crowd by Gavin Gavin Black
Ghost Armada by Gavin Gavin Black
Misty Kelpie by Richard McMillan
Linn Jaw Waterfall by Tom Gilland
Common Frogs by Gordon Cameron
Adrian by Gordon Jackson
Light and Shade by Gordon Jackson
Gardens of God by Dean Ogley
Colours of the kestral by Rodger Shearer
Long Road by Harry Stewart
Pat by Gary Kerr
The Paper Seller by Jim Hutcheon
Snorting Kelpie by Brian Pearson
Open to the Heavens by Ian Burke
Surfs_Up by Richard McMillan
Winter Fun by Susan Roberts
Beckie by Linda Tailford
Train Car Symmetry by Darren Brogan
The Age Of Steam by Bill Shrive
Aimee by Peter Lawson
Martin by Gordon Jackson
Ollie by Brian Pearson
Melissa by Ruta Nicol
Melissa by Billy McCourt
The Poet by Gavin Gavin Black
Arthur by Gavin Gavin Black
goldie. by Johnny Edwards
Autumnal Reflections by Kenneth McGuckin
Mardi Gras by Kenneth McGuckin
Red poppy by Gordon Cameron
Forth Bridge Abstract by Brian Pearson
Misty_Kelpie by Richard McMillan
Camilty Weir by Tom Gilland
Waiting for the bus by Gavin Gavin Black
November Rose by Rodger Shearer
Not This Time by Peter Lawson
On The Telephone Darling by Peter Lawson
Trance by Peter Lawson
Angular angler by Brian Pearson
Misty Tranquility by Ronnie Taylor
Inner_Hebrides by Richard McMillan
Eilean_Donan_Castle by Richard McMillan
White Water by Kenneth McGuckin
Wild sea eagle, Mull by Billy McCourt
Red Arrows by Bill Shrive
Sunset Reflections by Darren Brogan
Grand Mosque Reflection by Ronnie Taylor
Gull by Ronnie Taylor
Firework 2 by Robert Anderson
Firework 1 by Robert Anderson
Bald Eagle profile by Bruce McDowall
Langdale Peaks by Janey Cringean
Grazing Kelpies by Janey Cringean
Restful Loch Restil by Richard McMillan
Tranquility by Harry Stewart
An Edinburgh Window by Harry Stewart
Olympic Stadium, Berlin by Brian Pearson
Blue by Davy Wright
Edinburgh Sunset by Ian Coyle
Barn Owl on the Hunt by Kenneth McGuckin
Catch of the Day by Billy McCourt
Waiting by Peter Lawson
Lighthouse in the Snow by Nils Härtel
Duffus Corner by Jim Hutcheon


Message from our new President - Susan Roberts

Thank you to all who attended tonight's AGM and for sharing thoughts and ideas for the future. I'm looking forward to continuing the positive work of the outgoing committee along with Martin McKeown, Janey Cringean, James Hutcheon, Jim Flynn, Ken Anderson, William Stuart, Ruta Nicol, Andrew Lambie, Nils Härtel and Steve McHarg who form the committee for the 2016/17 season.

Many thanks also for the hard work and commitment of the outgoing committee members - Murray Carle, Fraser Jarvis, Iain Glen, and Ana Martins-Taylor - during their terms of office.

This moment can't go by either without appreciating Carol McLean's kind offer to relieve us of much angst over the tea rota :-). Thank you Carol.

Now that the serious business of the club has been addressed we can all look forward to a great summer syllabus. Check out the club's Summer Syllabus page on Facebook.

Isle of May Outing

Sunday 19th June 12:15pm sailing of the May Princess. £25pp. Expected to be onboard/on island around 5 hours. Members are requested to book directly with the pleasure cruise company and inform Martin McKeown that they are joining our group. This is not a trip that the club is organising, purely coordinating interested members. Members must book and pay for the sailing themselves, contact details on our facebook event and recent email. Transport will be via members carpooling.

LCC Tee-shirts and caps

- now available for sale to members. Murray Carle has all the details and will gladly take your orders. You can view more information about the tee-shirts and caps at the Inch Embroidery website: http://www.inch-embroidery.co.uk/index.php?id=lcc

Members' Galleries

Why not share your experiences with the rest of the club and submit new, replacement or additional images for the Members’ Galleries? Members now have full control of the images they want to include in their galleries. Just click on Members in the menu bar and, after logging in, choose My Images in the left menu list and follow the instructions. It’s dead easy!!

Looking Ahead ...

Mon, 05/09/2016

Opening Night - Meet & Greet

The first evening of the 2016-17 season - come along to find out more about us!

Mon, 12/09/2016

Billy Currie - "Is Getting It Right Enough?"

Born in a small mining village in Ayrshire, Billy later relocated to Central Scotland to pursue a career in IT and currently lives in Stirlingshire with his wife and son.

Having had an interest in landscape photography for some time it was the DSLR age that turned his interest into an obsession, his computing background combined with digital technology has resulted in far less restrictions and much more creative freedom for him as a photographer.

Already having an extensive knowledge of computers, photography and his camera, he completed an advanced Photoshop course a couple of years ago and has continued his education of this vast product ever since as he believes these skills are crucial to a digital photographer.

To date, many of his images have proven popular not just in Scotland but also in many other countries around the world. He has had success as both winner and finalist in various national and international photography competitions. One of the most recent being the overall winner of the 2014 EISA International Photography Competition.

Here's a link to his website: www.billycurriephotography.co.uk

Mon, 19/09/2016

Paul Hampton - "Commercial Photography"

Paul was born in Glasgow in, well, let's just say it was a while ago.

Even as a kid, he always had a fascination with photography, and was always the one who wanted to take all the photos on family holidays.

When he was 17, he bought his first camera, an Olympus Trip, and he photographed anything and everything around him, but it never occurred to him until he was in his mid-twenties, that he could make a career out of making photographs.

After studying at college for 4 years, he left with his diploma, a folio, a couple of clients and an overdraft. Within 4 months, he had his own studio, a couple of new clients and a bigger overdraft! That was 25 years ago.

Everything has changed; film is gone (almost!), digital is here, the business has gone from just him, to12 plus him and now back to just him again.

He now works from home in a purpose built studio just a few miles south west of Glasgow, and he doesn't miss the commute one bit. The one thing that has remained constant is his love of making pictures.

Here's a link to his website: www.paulhampton.co.uk . He hopes you like what you see, and if you do, then please let him know. You'll make his day.

Mon, 26/09/2016

Members' Night 1

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