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Lochan na h-Achlaise, Glencoe by Ian Cameron

'Lochan na h-Achlaise, Glencoe' by Ian Cameron

Welcome to Livingston Camera Club

Based in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, the club offers a wide range of activities for photographers of all skill levels.

Although most members are now using digital cameras, all forms of photography are encouraged.

Before you explore the rest of our website, why not take a few moments to view some outstanding images, below, taken by some of our members?

'Docked' by Bob Hosie 'Beach Boundary' by Ian Cameron 'Beached' by Richard Divine 'Butresses' by Jim Flynn 'Careful now' by Andrew Lambie 'Catch of light' by Margaret Leslie 'Chanel' by Peter Lawson 'Cold light of day' by  Ruta Nicol 'Driven round the bend' by Linda Tailford 'Dude' by Jim Flynn 'El Capitan' by Gordon Jackson 'Fairy glen' by Andrew Lambie 'Fly Agaric' by Gordon Cameron 'Forth Bridges' by Jim Hutcheon 'Frozen' by Sean Bowes 'Ginger' by Murray Carle 'Grandfather and me' by Peter Lawson 'Heron with catch' by Bob Hosie 'Lady On A Train' by Ken Anderson 'Loch' by Richard Divine 'Loch Lubnig' by Gordon Cameron 'Loch nan Ceall Sunset' by Ian Cameron 'Misty Mallaig Harbour' by William Stuart 'Nag Nag Nag' by Richard Divine 'New Jersey at Night' by Adrian Duffy 'Portencross Pier' by William Stuart 'Ready for the catch' by Linda Tailford 'Rose' by Margaret Cefferty 'Sailor Boy' by Margaret Leslie 'Setting Sun' by John Nicolson 'Silent Movie' by Murray Carle 'Spotted Orchid' by Jim Flynn 'The Nook' by Stuart Hyland 'The Schindler effect' by Ian Coyle 'The Young Miss Havisham' by Peter Lawson 'Topographica' by Harry Stewart 'Waiting for the fall' by Andrew Lambie