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Winter Wonderland 3 by Ian Cook

Welcome to Livingston Camera Club

Based in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, the club offers a wide range of activities for photographers of all skill levels.

Although most members are now using digital cameras, all forms of photography are encouraged.

Before you explore the rest of our website, why not take a few moments to view some outstanding images, below, taken by some of our members?

A Low Flying Gannet by Billy McCourt
Snowscape sunset by Ross Sutherland
Selfie by Ross Sutherland
Hands off, it’s my snowball by Ross Sutherland
Cheeky by Gordon Kennedy
Fearless2 by John McKay
Making an exit by Iain Glen
The Warrior King by Bruce Harley
Winter sunset on the golf course by Ross Sutherland
Spring is coming by Hendrik Nahler
Gin in the dark by Hendrik Nahler
Fish Supper by Hendrik Nahler
Winter Fox by Clare Harte
Male Starling by James Wilson
Bumble Bee 2 by John McKay
Special Branch by Russell Walker
Hooghly River Boatmen Kolkata by Bruce Harley
Preening by Margaret Cefferty
Elevenes by Margaret Cefferty
The Thinker by Ana Taylor
Green woodpecker by Billy McCourt
Robin in flight by Billy McCourt
Claw your way to the top by Ruta Nicol
Casual Pose by Sandy Calder
Coal tit by Geoff Donnelly
Blue Tit reflection by Geoff Donnelly
A bit blowey at St Monans by Geoff Donnelly
The Buzzard by Martin Ross
Great Crested Grebe with breakfast by Martin Ross
Hare in the Dew by Aileen Louden
Early Morning Catch by Aileen Louden
Low Flyer. by Ian Cook
Pyrrhosoma nymphula by Bruce McDowall
Lestes sponsa male 4 by Bruce McDowall
Scream by Peter Lawson
Chaffy by Jim Flynn
Gannet Angel by Graham Young
Junior by Ross Sutherland
Bullfinch takeoff by Martin Ross
Canal by Sandy Calder
Demure by Sandy Calder
Bumble Bee by John McKay
Honeybee by John McKay
Red squirrel by Billy McCourt
Yellowhammer by Billy McCourt
Road into the winter sun by Hendrik Nahler
Red Kite by Margaret Cefferty
Who's there! by Margaret Cefferty
Kite in flight by Clare Harte
Snow on my nose by Aileen Louden
Pole position by Geoff Donnelly
Snow Robin Robin Snow by Linda Tailford
The Coblers Friend by Linda Tailford
Blue tit foraging by Ruta Nicol
Its time to go by Peter Lawson
Elevated by Peter Lawson
Caught in the act by Peter Lawson
A step in time by Michael Langton
Witchy Woman by Gordon Kennedy
Emerging Victorious by Russell Walker
The Spell is Cast by Gordon Kennedy
Lestes sponsa male 2 by Bruce McDowall
Ischnura elegans male 1 by Bruce McDowall
Lestes sponsa male 3 by Bruce McDowall
Goldcrest. by Ian Cook
Wonder in the Christmas Market by Maureen O'Neill
Diamonds in the snow by Katrina Smith
Nibbles by Margaret Cefferty
Caught it by Margaret Cefferty
Dare Devil. by John McKay
Chaffinch in flight by Billy McCourt
Little red jumper by Billy McCourt
Female Sparrohawk by Russell Walker
The Plucky Chaffinch by Russell Walker
Boat house by Ana Taylor
Smailholm Tower Black & White by Sandy Calder
Carla Monica by Sandy Calder
This piano is not in tune by Peter Lawson
Capital sunset by Ross Sutherland
Call from above by Geoff Donnelly
They said it would be fun by James Wilson
Ouija board by Peter Lawson
Lestes sponsa male 1 by Bruce McDowall
Large red damselfly feeding by Bruce McDowall
Azure damselfly balancing by Bruce McDowall
Who are you looking at by Katrina Smith
Bella Notte by Bruce Harley
The Dalmarnock Footbridge by Ian Cook
This is my blue side by Ian Cook
Tied up by Ian Cook
Taking off by Margaret Cefferty
Loch Assynt by Jim Hutcheon
A Walk In The Woods by Jim Hutcheon
Vintage Burlesque by Gary Kerr
Cleopatra by Gary Kerr
Madusa by Gary Kerr
Palace with a star by Hendrik Nahler
Gin o'clock by Hendrik Nahler
Stone Jetty at Loch Ard by Hendrik Nahler
Breakfast is on the way by Clare Harte
Tree Hugger by Clare Harte
Smile for the Camera by Susan Roberts
Lament by Gill Walker
Stories from the Past by Susan Roberts
The Bullfinch and the Bluebells by Martin Ross
Bashful Buzzard by Martin Ross
Nectar Hunter by Martin Ross
Large red damselfly by Billy McCourt
Pine marten by Billy McCourt
Frozen chaffinch by Billy McCourt
Large Red Damselfly by Geoff Donnelly
Hot pursuit by Geoff Donnelly
Two Jays by Jim Flynn
Forth Rail Bridge by Sandy Calder
16th Hole Royal Course Vale do Lobo at dusk by Sandy Calder
Reflections of Garlic & Thyme by Sandy Calder
All roads lead to Fife by Ross Sutherland
On the fence by Ross Sutherland
Sunset on the Barrier Reef by Elaine Forrest
Iris, making an exit by Iain Glen
Abbie, all in black by Iain Glen
Amber, behind the wheel by Iain Glen
I see you by Aileen Louden
Colours of Harris by Linda Tailford
This one is mine by Linda Tailford
butterfly dreaming by Katrina Smith
Rowing the Ganges by Bruce Harley
Playing Ball at Rattray Head Lighthouse by Bruce Harley
American Road Trip by Bruce Harley
Common Blue Damselfly by Bruce McDowall
Immature Female Azure Damselfly by Bruce McDowall
LADY IN RED by Ana Taylor
2 BRIDES by Ana Taylor
The Forth Mermaid by Peter Lawson
Well, I didn't expect that! by Peter Lawson
Sunshine on a cloudy day by Peter Lawson
Southerness by Gary Fyfe
And so it was written by Gary Fyfe
Testament by Gary Fyfe
Curly Wurly. by Ian Cook
Ready to strike. by Ian Cook
Pool of Sorrow by Gordon Kennedy
Early Morning Flight. by Ian Cook
Anchor Mill by Graham Young
The Lookout by Russell Walker
Rattray Head Lighthouse by Graham Young
Leap of Faith by Russell Walker
Buchan Ness by Abigail Rennie
Driftwood by Abigail Rennie
Chaffinch on a stick. by Ruta Nicol
On the beach. by Ruta Nicol
Is it just Meer by Michael Langton
Children's Tea Party by James Wilson
The Phantom Tram by James Wilson
Scottish Wildcat by Maureen O'Neill
Buachaille Etive Mòr by Maureen O'Neill
Cosmic Concentration by Maureen O'Neill
Lunch at the Spider's Web Cafe by Alasdair Mackenzie
Red Veil by Ana Taylor
Lost In Music by Gill Walker
Sitting Pretty by Clare Harte
Sun over the hills by Sandra Taylor


New Season

We’re back! But unfortunately, we can't start next season back at Crofthead as it is still being used as a Coronavirus test centre. We will start off using Zoom for our meetings in the hope that we can return to Crofthead later in the season.

September Facebook Competition Result

Winners of the September photographer of the month with 11 likes John Love for his image ‘Solar Wind Energy’ taken on Benbecula. Well done John. Runners up were Cheryl Meek with 10 likes and Ana Martins-Taylor and Martin Ross with 9 likes each. Many thanks to all who posted images and also to those who pressed the like button!

"Solar wind Energy" by John Love


Membership opening soon to new members

Livingston Camera Club will open to new members from Tuesday 17 August. If you would like to join head to the Information section of the club website where you will find the application form. Once you fill in your form you will be sent details about payment.

The fees are £30 per annum for full members and £12 for students with no weekly fee at the moment. 

Looking Ahead ...

Mon, 25/10/2021

Competition 1 - Digital 1 - Results

This is the results of our first digital competition of the year. An independent judge will award scores for each image with a maximum of 20 points. There are three categories of entries: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Scores from this competition count towards the annual league table.

Mon, 01/11/2021

Gary Jones - "Wildlife"

Gary is a full time Wildlife Photographer and Guide, based in North Wales close by to the beauty and ruggedness of the Welsh Coast and Snowdonia. Since an early age he has had a passion for the outdoors and especially Wildlife, and by trying to photographically record what he saw in the wild, it eventually turned into his profession. He is an accomplished mountaineer and spends a lot of his time in the Mountains but whatever he does and wherever he goes the camera always goes with him. He now travels far and wide to photograph Wildlife, to many of his favourite places both in the UK and overseas. He adores Snowdonia from the rugged mountains down to the beautiful coastline and he has a real passion for Scotland, in particular the Cairngorms and the Western Isles, especially Mull.

Here’s a link to Gary’s website for more information: https://gjwp.co.uk/ .

Mon, 08/11/2021

Martin Sproul - "Developing mono images using LR Classic, PS and Nik Silver Efex"

Martin has been taking photographs since he was 14 years of age. In 1992 he began to explore the new territory of digital photography and has been continually expanding his knowledge ever since. He has sold several hundred photographs over the years and been honoured to photograph many couples’ weddings as well as being commissioned for commercial and promotional work. Nowadays, when he is not photographing weddings, he plans and runs photography workshops and training courses. Here’s a link to Martin’s website for more information: https://sproul.photography/home .

Hand-in Internal Competition - Print 1

This is the second competition of the season. It will be an open competition (no predetermined subject) comprising only printed images. The results from his competition count towards the Annual League Table.

The RULES for submitting print entries are available on the Information page of the website. Summarised, the Print format requirements for club competitions are:

•The visible area of the print must be no less than 35 square inches e.g. 5 x 7 inches or any other size with an area of 35 square inches or greater.

•Prints may be monochrome or colour

•All prints submitted must be mounted on stiff mount board.

•Maximum size of the mount is 16 x 20 inches or 40 x 50 cm.

•Membership number, title, classification and ranking should be clearly written on the back of the mount at the bottom left hand corner when viewed with the image face down. This is important as judges expect the image title to be in this position; especially for abstract prints or prints where it is not clear which edge is meant to be the top. Prints with no classification included will be entered in the advanced class.

Print entries should be accompanied by a digital submission of the image entered, submitted via the club website on the My Images page. This copy may be used for collating, selection and projection on judging evenings; and also for presentation on the club website after the competition has been judged. Digital copies may also be handed in to the Competitions Secretary on digital media.

Digital images or prints submitted to a previous club competition MUST NOT be resubmitted for this competition.


Mon, 15/11/2021

International Competition - LCC vs Aspley CC, Australia

Mon, 22/11/2021

Oliver Smart - "RAW Nature: Images uncovered"