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Serenity by Bruce Harley

Welcome to Livingston Camera Club

Based in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, the club offers a wide range of activities for photographers of all skill levels.

Although most members are now using digital cameras, all forms of photography are encouraged.

Before you explore the rest of our website, why not take a few moments to view some outstanding images, below, taken by some of our members?

The Dancer by Peter Lawson
The Approach by Ruta Nicol
Cherry Blossom by Ana Taylor
The smoker by Peter Lawson
Over Here by Peter Lawson
Money by Peter Lawson
Summer colour by Ross Sutherland
Stronachalachar Loch by Ana Taylor
Simplicity in Pink by Ana Taylor
Luskentyre Beach by Billy Stuart
Caught in a blizzard by Billy McCourt
Golden Eagle & Magpie by Billy McCourt
Cuillin Sunset by Craig Graham
European Eagle Owl (captive) by Geoff Donnelly
Fly and Dine by Geoff Donnelly
Monarch of the Glen by Clare Harte
Guarding the Herd by Sandra Taylor
Ural Owl by Iain Glen
Miya by Iain Glen
Karan (Indian name meaning - Warrior) by Jacqui Turnbull
The Camp Fire by Jacqui Turnbull
Large Red Damselfly on Tufted Vetch by Bruce McDowall
Red Squirrel on tree by Margaret Cefferty
A Feather In Her Hat by Dwayne Telford
January Will Be Over Soon by Dwayne Telford
Ardvrek Castle by Rodger Shearer
Bow Fiddle Rock by Kenny McGuckin
Stac Pollaidh - Morning Light by Kenny McGuckin
Wood Mouse by Tom Gilland
Night Prowler by Aileen Louden
Wee Timorous Beastie by Aileen Louden
Indian Beggar Girl by Bruce Harley
Robyn by Paul Smith
A Little Blue Tit by Jim Flynn
Winter Hare by Clare Harte
Early bird catches the fish by Clare Harte
EVE by Gary Kerr
Darling of the Night by Jacqui Turnbull
Fearless by John McKay
Aimee by Peter Lawson
Searching for paradise by Peter Lawson
Gazing by Ross Sutherland
Victoria Quay by Graham Young
Rickshaw for Hire by Bruce Harley
Ole! by Geoff Donnelly
Tranquil Loch Tay by Rodger Shearer
Stargazer Lily by Gordon Cameron
Steam by Dwayne Telford
High Key Portrait by Ian Coyle
A Portait in Nature by Ian Coyle
Ghost Bus v Ghost Truck by James Wilson
My Seaweed Blanket by Aileen Louden
Holy Smoke by Paul Smith
Have they gone yet by Billy Stuart
Contentment by Billy Stuart
Locked Out by Dwayne Telford
Something to lean on by Aileen Louden
Buskers on a break by Kenny McGuckin
Clashnessie Falls by Kenny McGuckin
Another rainy race by Ewen MacDonald
Common Blue Damselfly by Bruce McDowall
A Fresh Kill by Rodger Shearer
Lady in Red by Paul Smith
BATH TIME by Gordon Cameron
Rebound by Jim Flynn
Better late than never by Paul Carter
innocence by Richard Howitt
Sea Thrift by Iain Glen
Feed Me by Tom Gilland
Itch by Kate Stevenson
Large red damselfly feeding by Bruce McDowall
Courting gannets by Billy McCourt
Feed me! by Ruta Nicol
That one? by Bill Sinclair
Stirling Old Bridge and Wallace Monument by Craig Graham
Cleared for Take Off by Aileen Louden
The Duke of Cumberland's Boathouse by Jim Hutcheon
A Song For The Birds by Jacqui Turnbull
Reluctant to be shown by Sandra Taylor
Rachel by Peter Lawson
Rachel by Peter Lawson
Preening Kingfisher by Rodger Shearer
Young Robin by Gordon Jackson


Membership open for 2019-20 Season

We are now enrolling for the 2019-20 season, which starts on 2nd September. If you wish to join, please contact the Secretary on secretary@livingstoncameraclub.org.uk to be added to the list and get instructions for payment. Application forms can be dowloaded from http://www.livingstoncameraclub.org.uk/file-downloads.

Funding Grants

As a community camera club, we are fortunate to get some financial support via a West Lothian Council Community Arts Grant to help in the running of the club.


Club Projects

New members, especially those who are just starting out on the road to more serious photography, may be interested to learn about the club's monthly photography project which takes place on the club's website. This is strictly a members' only project, members of the public will not be able to view any images submitted to a project. It's also a "fun" project; it's not a competition and there are no prizes. Its purpose is to encourage members, especially Beginners, to submit images based on a theme which will change from month to month. And it's also meant to be a challenge for more advanced members to come up with something different. It doesn't matter about the quality of the image - although we hope over time that these will improve with experience. It's more about scanning your catalogue of images for something suitable or perhaps creating something specially to meet the theme.

Submitting images is reallysimple. First, login to the Members page and click on My Images in the left hand menu. When the My Images page opens there are full instructions there on how to add an image to the website and how to submit it as an entry in a Club Project. The same process is used to submit images for Competitions and for Members' Galleries.

Why not take a look now at some of the existing projects and view some really great images. Login to the Members page and click on Club Projects.


Members' Galleries

Why not share your experiences with the rest of the club and submit new, replacement or additional images for the Members’ Galleries? Members have full control of the images they want to include in their galleries. Just click on Members in the menu bar and, after logging in, choose My Images in the left menu list and follow the instructions. Nothing could be simpler!

Looking Ahead ...

Mon, 23/09/2019

Don Munro - "Edinburgh Photo Walks - The Views & The Challenges"

Don is an Edinburgh-born, local photographer. With a creative spirit, love of nature, travel and different cultures, his curiosity and photography have taken him around the globe. These foreign adventures, as well as allowing him to immerse himself in photography on a daily basis, have opened his eyes to the beauty and diversity around us. They also gave him a newly found appreciation for the city and country of his birth. As his travels continued and his desire to share what he saw grew, so did his passion for photography. With his attention now firmly fixed on Scotland he can think of nothing better than sharing this passion for photography with others. Being able to do so within the beautiful, UNESCO World Heritage City of Edinburgh is, for him, a dream come true.

He views photography as a lifelong vocation. He looks forward to the continual process of learning and growing and hope that the enthusiasm which he has for photography can be used to encourage others.

If you’d like to see Don’s work then have a look at his website: https://www.edinburghphotowalks.com/don-munro/ .

Mon, 30/09/2019

John McNairn - "Nude Without Rude"

John is a hobbyist photographer who specialises in Art Nude, Fashion and Model photography. He also does Landscapes if he’s already there, Nature too if something flies out in front of his camera.

He is a member of the Royal Photographic Society and an active member of St Andrews PS.

His presentation tonight explores the ins and outs of nude photography, that is … “what is nude photography and how to get started?”. It examines the main genres and its sub-cultures, the difference between studio and location work. It demonstrates the difference in themes using digital and print methods, it follows through with how to book a model, what to expect and achieve. It covers subjects like cost and the different types of payments, also how to act during an actual shoot. It lists the Do’s and Do Not’s of working with models, what to expect when working in the studio and what to expect when working on location, camera settings and how to deal with weather. The presentation also deals with composition and editing, and finally how to build a portfolio.

Take a look at John’s website for more information: http://www.mrspider.co.uk/ .

Mon, 07/10/2019

Hand-in Internal Competition 1 - Digital 1

This is the hand-in date for the first internal competition of the season. It's a digital image only competition. Images should be submitted to the club's website by midnight on the 7th but can be submitted at any time up to 8 weeks before that.

To submit images for the competition login to the Members page on the website and click on "My Images" in the left hand menu. Follow the instructions on the "My Images" page to submit an image for the competition. Full details of the rules for submitting images for internal competitions can be found on the Information page of the website.

Members' Night 1 - Induction for New Members

Mon, 14/10/2019

Clare Harte & Rodger Shearer - "Wildlife Watching Through A Lens / The Abandoned Journey"

Tonight's presentation is by two members of the club: Clare Harte and Rodger Shearer.

Clare’s presentation is entitled “Wildlife Watching Through A Lens”. After buying her first proper camera in 2015 following a trip to Centre Parcs where she was desperately trying to get a decent shot of squirrels on her iPhone, she discovered a passion for wildlife, especially the species we're lucky enough to have in Scotland. She loves spending time in the outdoors and always feels extremely privileged when a wild animal allows you in to their space. Clare's Dad was a wedding photographer and she grew up with cameras but didn't pay them much attention. It's only since he passed in 2015 that she’s really got hooked and part of why she enjoys taking photographs now is knowing how proud he would be that she finally picked up on his passion too.

Rodger's presentation is entitled "The Abandoned Journey" and is a personal project on abandoned industry in the local area. It was initially a college project but has since been included in the "Higher Vision" Exhibition in the Scottish Parliament and two further local exhibitions. It is an attempt to record old industrial landscapes while they still stand and is an ongoing project. Rodger will also show some further work on Scottish Co-operative buildings undertaken for the West Calder Trust.


Mon, 21/10/2019

Allan Wright - "Vintage Tractors & Scotland's Islands"

Allan’s passion is for nature, documentary and cityscapes in both abstract and classic forms. He loves to capture fleeting and lyrical qualities presented by the many rich forms inherent in all subjects.

His career began while travelling and working in the oil industry in Libya & Vietnam. Returning to the North Sea he divided his time between engineering and landscape photography. He shot oil rig life from the inside culminating in his first book “On The Rigs” co-authored by "Bard of the North", Caithness writer George Gunn. Since then he has explored Scotland and overseas locations. His commercial activities are regional and thematic images for fine art prints, calendars and books, also documentary commissions and stock images.

He says he loves his job, it is his mistress, a way of life. Here’s a link to Allan’s website for more information: https://www.allanwrightphoto.com/ .

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